To do or not to do? The science of better decision-making.


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Every day, we make hundreds of decisions. Some are big, and some are small. And some may seem inconsequential. But it’s our ability to make good decisions that ultimately determines our success in life. Good decisions lead to success at work, better relationships, improved health, and ultimately, greater happiness.

But here’s the strange thing: although making good decisions is so important, the majority of people never receive training in how to become better at making decisions.

The good news is: scientific research can shed a great deal of light on how to become an excellent decision-maker.

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In our very last masterclass for the year, organisational psychologists Dr. Amantha Imber and Charlotte Rush will delve into the latest science on how you can significantly improve your decision-making prowess. You will learn:

* The optimal time of day to make decisions

* How to future-proof your decisions

* How what we eat impacts the decisions we make

* How emotions can kill your ability to make good decisions – and what to do about it

* The types of decisions you need to avoid

* How to allocate an appropriate amount of time to your decision-making

* And more!


We promise you will leave with a stack of super-practical strategies to make much better decisions. And there will be time for Q&A too, so bring along any questions that you might have.

The only decision to make right now is whether to book a spot in this masterclass. (Hint: you should).

Event Details

Date: December 02, 2020

Start time: 07:45 a.m.

End time: 08:45 a.m.

Venue: Melbourne (AEDT) time via Zoom

Phone: (03) 9018 7455