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Want a taste of some of our best science-based tools? Or do you just want more of that unique Inventium experience? Easy! Check out our upcoming Masterclasses and Online programs below.

Supercharge your productivity

If you want to get more done, feel more energetic and stress less then it is time you took back control of your workday. We have helped thousands of people boost their productivity (by up to 30%) as they make small changes to reinvent their workday. But we aren’t done! We want every individual, team and organisation to do more focused work and declare war on digital distractions. We know what works and we have the science and data to prove it.

Become a customer-focused innovator

We have been igniting innovation at Australian organisations for more than a decade. We pair the latest findings in organisational psychology with our years of experience seeing what actually works to create clear and practical tools and techniques to drive organisational innovation. You’ll leave with a swag of practical tools to implement, and the inspiration to drive change and growth for yourself and others.

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In Case You Missed It

We never like to hear of people missing out. So, we’ll be taking some of our most popular MasterClasses and making them accessible any time you like via our downloadable INVENTeKITS. We’ll also throw in some bonus extras like templates, tools, and guidebooks to give you an extra helping hand.